Champagne Bar

Offering guests a champagne bar is an elegant way to simplify your bar set up and glass rental. To get started, rent a stand up bar and plenty of festive flutes. Champagne buckets are a nice touch for the table, or you can ice down the bubbly behind the bar. University Rental also offers custom printing on a wide variety of cocktail napkins. 

One case of champagne (12 bottles) serves 50 people (62 drinks). Allow approximately two drinks per guest during the first hour of your event, budget approximately one per hour, thereafter. Guests may drink more in warm weather, so remember to make plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available during your event as well. 

To best taste the complex flavors of champagne and to maintain the longest bubble trails, use room temperature flutes or tulip-shaped glasses. Place the champagne in a bucket or large tub filled with ice for 30 minutes before serving.

Remove the foil and loosen the wire cage (never shake the bottle). Hold onto the cork as soon as your loosen the cage, to avoid spontaneous eruption. Point the bottle away from you, and anyone else. Then tilt it at a 45 degree angle and slowly twist the bottle (not the cork) easing the cork out until it the gas escapes, making a relaxed sighing noise. Then pour into tall, stemmed glasses and enjoy.

Sparkling wines lend themselves well to mixing with fruit and fruit juices. The famous Harry's Bar in Venice created the Bellini, a wonderful mix of sparkling wine and fresh peach juice. Of course, you can also use orange juice, pureed watermelon or other fruit essence to mix with sparkling wine for a refreshing summer cooler. Fresh raspberries and strawberries also pair well.

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