Breakfast Meetings

Are you planning a breakfast meeting with coffee and donuts? Make your meeting memorable and start the day off right with these alternate menu choices. And don’t forget to rent carafes, pitchers, platters and serving bowls.

Pleasant Surprises
1. Deviled eggs
2. Platter of fresh vegetables, with various dips
3. Regular yogurt sprinkled with fruits or nuts
4. French crullers
5. Kolaches
6. Finger sandwiches
7. Peanut butter and/or jelly on fresh breads or crackers
8. Cheese cubes wrapped in bacon or ham
9. Fritters

Fresh Fruit
10. Trays of sliced fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon)
11. Pineapple chunks
12. Cut-up fruit salad in a large, silver bowl (adds a real touch of elegance)

Proven Favorites
13. Danish pastries (cut in half, depending on the audience)
14. Assorted bagels with cream cheese
15. Slices of different types of white, wheat, and rye toast (with butter, margarine, jam and cream cheese)
16. Coffee, tea, decaf and fresh O.J.


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